12 Useful Ways for Beginners to Build Muscle Mass and Body Strength

muscle building

Muscle training and bodybuilding requires correct information and knowledge to begin with. You already know that you have to eat healthy and work out frequently, but how is it that one strikes a balance, and what are some tips that are essential to know?

Before I begin to explain all that you must know as a beginner, you must understand that building muscle requires a great deal of dedication and willpower.

So before starting everything else, give yourself a pep talk on how you must stay patient, and focused towards your goal.

1.      Don’t Do Whatever At The Gym

When one is trying to shed some pounds, it is advised to do anything he feels like as long as he gets his heart rate pumping. However, the story is different when it comes to muscle-building. Engaging in any form of cardio without other appropriate exercises, may in fact cause your body to lose the muscle it has, which will definitely not work in your favor if your aim is bodybuilding. So you cannot just YouTube exercises and carry them out on your own.

Prepare a plan and follow it rigidly. Your trainer at the gym can help you design a workout program that will suit you best and give effective and immediate results.

2.      Train On An Empty Belly

This might be harder than it sounds, but remember, the harder whatever that you do is, the greater  and more productive the results will be. According to the European Journal of Applied Psychology, training on an empty stomach can as much as double your muscle growth.

3.      Weights First

Experts suggest weight training before indulging in any cardio exercise. With a good warm up, weight training can rev up your heart rate already, putting your body into a fat-burning mode. Doing cardio first means that your muscles will be tired by the time you begin lifting weights.

Workout in front of your mirror

While working out, make sure you can see yourself in a mirror. This will allow you to correct your posture, as a result of which you will be able to fully work your muscles, and attain maximum results.

4.      Stand and Stretch

Try to include those exercises in your workout program which involve standing. This engages more muscles of your body in one single exercise. Sitting and working out uses less muscles, therefore, slower results and less sweat.


5.      The KISS Method

According to famous trainer, Noah Siegel, one must KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid. The idea is to maintain a distance from all types of complicated machines and focus on compound muscle movements. She recommends targeting the upper and lower body thrice each week for the first few months of training.

6.      Snack Right After Your Workout

To repair any damage to the muscles during the workout, you must snack within 15 minutes of your workout. A protein shake is perhaps the best option for this time of the day, as it will fill you up, and hence make you crave less for cakes and cookies.


7.      Calorie Surplus Creation

In order to build muscles, you must remain in a calorie surplus. This means that you eat more than you burn away from your body. This, however, in no way means that you can binge on junk. Yes, it will easily create a calorie surplus, but one that will do no good for your muscles. Junk foods will only pile on pounds of fat, lower your strength levels, and contribute nothing to muscle mass.

8.      Diet to Exercise Ratio

According to fitness experts, any fitness-related goal can be made successful with 20 % exercise and 80 % diet. Therefore, what you eat can make a huge difference on what your body looks like. Your exercise may not yield desirable results if you are not eating right. Eat 5 to 6 times a day, but be careful about what you eat.

9.      Maintain a High-protein Diet

If you are looking for more muscle mass, you cannot ignore protein. High-protein foods are essential to build and repair the muscles and to keep your metabolism pumping. It helps cause a slow release of carbohydrates in the blood, which helps prevent blood sugar from shooting and leading to fat storage. Protein will also curb your cravings for sugary foods and other junk foods.

Eggs, cottage cheese, milk, nuts, tuna, salmon, steaks, smoothies and peanut butter are few delicious choices if you want to pack up on protien.

10. Beetroot Juice

Bodybuilders can benefit largely from beetroot juice because of its ability to increase nitric oxide gas in the blood. As a result, blood flow to the vessels improves, providing more oxygen to your muscles. This will not only improve your performance in the gym, but also allow for speedy recovery after a dense workout, which benefits your muscle building.

11. Enjoy A Grapefruit Feast

Grapefruit contains properties which boost your metabolism to burn more fat, so that when you work out, it converts easily into muscle. It also aids in processing energy efficiently. The best time to consume grapefruit is before each meal.

12. Take Crazy Bulk Products

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Crazy bulk keeps your hormones in check, hence enabling the body to strike a balance. If you have a hard time eating protein-rich foods, crazy bulk can compensate for it. So buy it now and see your physique benefit from it.

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Now that you know how to go about with your workouts, and your diet, building muscle mass will only be a matter of time. To keep you going for long, you may join support groups, or ask your friends to join you in your efforts.

You can also find several groups on social networking websites, such as Facebook, where all individuals work together and help each other achieve their fitness goals.

Stay strong and..good luck!

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