Secret Skin: A 5 Trick Program towards Radiance, Smoothness and Freshness!


A clear, smooth skin is something we all crave for. While we visit our dermatologists and seek the perfect solutions for our skin, it is quite ironic as to how we already know the answers! You might have heard the phrase, ‘You are what you eat’. This definitely implies to our skin as well.

If you are also in search of the best, home based solutions to your skin problems, check out the tricks given below to make you glow throughout the day without any makeup, cosmetology and other artificial measures.

A Balanced Diet

Everything begins from your diet! If you are consuming all sorts of wrong foods such as junk food, processed items, too many candies or even fizzy drinks, you are very far from glowing skin my friend! In order to achieve a glowing, radiant skin, simply eat healthy. Ditch the wrong food items and indulge in happy eating. Add micro nutrients to your diet in the shape of added vitamins, Skinade collagen drink, fresh juices, nuts, etc. Eating fruits will definitely make a difference as well.

Water and Water

Well, this is the bottom line. Water not only quenches our thirst but also aids in removing toxins from our bodies. Did you know that 15% of our skin is made up of water? Help your skin stay far away from impurities and toxins by drinking up to 10 glasses of water a day. Water or healthy drinks such as fresh juices, milk, Skinade and vitamin waters will help eliminate oils from the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.

Detox every 6 months

Detoxification is essential. If the ordinary tips are not helping you, you definitely need some detox from the inside. While there are millions of detox methods available, the best are green tea, fruit diets or veggie diets. Simply add 4-5 cups of green tea with drops of lemon in your daily diet and see the difference within a month.

Green tea has natural abilities to flush out all harmful toxins from the body, leaving you healthy from the inside which will positively show on the outside. As for the fruit diet, check out the 20-30 day fruit diet detox plan and try it out.

Rules to Makeup

Make  up Rules

Makeup products are a girl’s best friend. While they can beautify your face, on the contrary they cause more damage to your skin than you can imagine. See the rules to makeup and add them in your to-do-lists!

·        Wash Face prior to Application

Washing your face from a nice hydrating face wash before applying makeup will help remove any dirt from the skin aiding in a better makeup application. Secondly, as makeup tends to set in the skin, by washing the face you will healthily remove all possible causes for zits, acne or boils that you might have gotten later!

·        Remove Makeup

As soon as you return home from the event, remove your makeup. Don’t let your makeup sink into the skin for hours. Always use makeup removers and make sure you leave no spots behind.

·        Wash Again!

After removing your makeup, wash your face with a gentle face wash and pat face dry.

·        Moisturize

Moisturizing the face is essential. Moisturizing will help your skin stay fresh, hydrated and glowing, helping you stay away from dryness, wrinkles or fine lines.

·        Clean your products

How often do you change or clean your makeup products? Firstly always clean your makeup sponges and brushes after every use. Wash them with any washing detergents or hand washes. Let them air dry for at least over night. While you are on it, always check the expiry date of your products and change them accordingly.

Skin Care

Whereas a balanced diet and detoxification methods are important for glowing skins, taking care of the skin from the outside is also vital. Only washing won’t do the trick. See the best skin care tips below:

·        Wash the right amount

While there are myths about washing and scrubbing the face up to 3 times daily, ironically, they can be harmful! Yes, do wash your face daily, but remember to be gentle with the skin. Over washing can leave your skin dry, irritated and even remove the skin’s natural oils.

·        Squeezing is bad!

Touching and squeezing zits and boils can seem like fun but don’t do it! Squeezing will only provide it with more bacteria and germs. While it will take longer to heal too, it will surely leave a bad looking scar on your face. We don’t want that, do we?

·        Facial

Help your new skin come out by exfoliating properly. Enjoy a healthy facial once a month and let your skin glow. Cleanse your skin, scrub, exfoliate, apply a mask, a toner and voila! You will get a fresh looking skin within minutes. Exfoliation aids in the removal of dead skin layers, dry skin, oily patches and what not. If you are a makeup junkie, maybe you should try the facial twice a month!

Know your Skin

Skinade Collagen Drink

All tips are not made for everyone. Knowing your skin is important. If your skin is dry, moisturize it twice a day instead of once. If your skin is oily, do the opposite! Checkout Skinade Review today and buy your collagen drink for younger looking skin!

Beauty Sleep

There is no myth about this one! Beauty sleep really does exist and makes a lot of difference. Sleeping at the right hours at night can help your skin heal naturally, grow and remove the old skin layers. If you sleep at the wrong times, ie: mornings and afternoons, always know that you will be doing no good to your body in terms of health.

It is but natural that our bodies rest only at night. Sleep between 10 pm and 7am and see how your dark spots, dark circles and other problems heal naturally.

Radiant skin is like a dream come true! If you really want your skin to glow like the models in the magazines, add these tips to your daily routines, drink Skinade and witness the difference within weeks!